Isaiah Laatsch- Guitar & Drums

Isaiah began his lifelong commitment to music at the age of 11, playing drums for his church, Evangelical United Methodist in Huntington, Indiana. From his freshmen year at Huntington North High School to the present, Isaiah has found himself behind the kit in a number of local punk, rock, funk and jazz groups. In college, he learned to play guitar taking courses at Huntington University. Today, he maintains both his guitar and drum skills by donating his time to his church, as well as playing and writing music in his free time.

“Music is a vehicle that provokes a creative mind and can give you the confidence to believe in yourself. It’s enabled me to do things I never thought I could and it’s my personal passion to help others reap the same rewards from music.” Isaiah earned his Bachelors degree from Huntington University, and continues to study the drums and guitar in the blues, jazz, rock, country and reggae. Isaiah frequently performs in “The Paper Heart”, a local band that routinely writes, records, and performs in Northern Indiana.


Amy Withrow- Piano

Amy has entertained a passion for music for the majority of her life and its transformative properties in the lives of those who play. Amy’s goal is to explore each of her student’s unique interests and foster an encouraging environment where children and adults, alike, can feel comfortable growing in their musical gifts. “If you can play video games, you can play an instrument. Just how you learn to press the right buttons at the right time for games, an instrument is essentially the same but with a different device. With some experienced guidance and the willingness to try, I KNOW music’s benefits are accessible and achievable for all.”

Amy is a Michigan transplant and began her piano career teaching piano lab students in Kalamazoo while earning her Bachelor’s at Western Michigan University. She is a certified music teacher and currently also teaches Elementary music at Fort Wayne Community Schools.