Typically in writing music, we learn the rules so we can break them. These rules, however, are not like music, and breaking them would not be as fun ;)

Parent's Presence & Media Policy

For those under the age of 18 or are a legal dependent, parents/guardian are required to bein the premises during lessons. This is protect the integrity of the lesson teacher as well as the student. As long as they are within the studio, parents are welcome to relax while the lesson is taking place, however, they may not leave (i.e "in the car", running to the store, etc.). 

When hosting lessons in your home, parents/legal guardians must also be present within the home. Lesson teachers will not provide child care for other children or the student. Parents are required to provide a suitable space for lessons to take place: hygienic, free from reasonable distractions, and "in the open" (lessons will not take place in bedrooms or too private of quarters). If these requirements are not met, then lessons may be requested to be held at our studios until requirements are met.

Students may have their pictures and/or videos taken of them during performances or lessons. These may be used for learning purposes, advertising, on other social media platforms, or in Newsletters, even if lessons cease to be taken. If you wish for your child not to participate in these, please let us know before registration is finalized. 

Student Cooperation

Children will be children. Sometimes, they don't WANT to learn a instrument. We understand this frustration, and will do our best to motivate children to learn. However, we do not recommend forcing children to take lessons that they are not interested in taking.

If a student chooses to "walk out", or refuses to participate, refunds are not available. Students are only obligated to schedule for one month or 4 sessions of lessons, and may be discontinued if they wish.

We encourage parents/guardians to encourage their children to have a positive attitude and try their best-  music is fun, but it is also a discipline. Many great character traits can be learned from participating in music, as well as the natural benefits of having a creative platform.

Attendance and Tardiness

Due to the tight scheduling involved in traveling instructors, students are required to show up on time and ready for the lesson. If students are late, they will finish out the duration of their lesson that is left.

If a lesson is completely missed without prior arrangement, the session is still considered valid and will not be able to be rescheduled. We appreciate 24 hours notice of cancellation. If a student does not show to 3 or more lessons, it will be assumed that the student has dropped the course.